Bauxite Ore Grinding Plant

Bauxite Ore Powder Application

Bauxite is a kind of earthy mineral and it is gray or white, brown and yellow or light red by iron. The density is 3.9 ~ 4 g/cm3 and the hardness is 1 ~ 3. It is very brittle, opaque. bauxite is mainly used for refractory material, bauxite, such as bauxite bauxite industry. It is used for defense, automotive, aviation, electronics, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc.

The bauxite clinker is made after mold precision casting processed into fine powder. It is used in military, communications, aerospace, instruments, machinery and medical equipment products and used for refractory products.

MTM trapezium mill Used in Bauxite Ore Grinding Plant

To process the bauxite into powder size used in the industry ranges, it needs the efficient and advanced grinding mill machine. As a professional supplier of milling machine, Zenith has designed and produced the MTM trapezium mill machine used as the bauxite milling machine.

This machine has three different kinds of models. Its capacity will be 3-22tph and these three models can meet different clients' production requirements. The final products from the MTM trapezium mill machine will be 1.6-0.045mm and the fineness can reach to 0.038mm. This meets the powder size production requirements.

Working Performance of Bauxite Ore Grinding Plant

The MTM trapezium mill is designed to grind bauxite materials from Zenith and its main performance features are:

  • Adjustable control of finished product granularity and it has high efficiency of selecting powder;
  • Roller linkage pressurization and advanced technology;
  • Loss of the curved duct, air volume is small, good material flow;
  • Internal thin oil lubrication system, advanced and reliable;
  • Special grinding roller grinding ring design, high grinding efficiency, low use cost;
  • Small bevel gear transmission, whole energy loss and high efficiency.

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