Bentonite Powder Making Machine

XZM Series Ultrafine Mill Introduction

  • Main type: XZM221; XZM224; XZM236; XZM244
  • Feeding material size: 10-20mm
  • Capacity: 400-12000kgh
  • Application range: applicable to building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, coal, coal and other industry products material grinding processing
  • Suitable materials: grinding moh's hardness below 9.3 and moisture below 6% of all kinds of inflammable and explosive mineral materials; Such as illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, slag, mica, calcite, limestone, barite, potassium sulfate, bentonite, etc. Thousands kinds of materials

Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Bentonite has wide application in the modern industries and it is often processed into powder size for the further application. For this, the bentonite will be processed into powder size or micro powder size under the function of activated bentonite process plant which refers to: bentonite ore crusher machine, belt conveyor, bentonite powder making machine XZM ultrafine grinding mill and the packaging machine and so on. All of these bentonite powder making machine for sale are available from Zenith with reasonable price.

Bentonite Powder Making Machine Advantages

High production efficiency and low operation costs: XZM series ultrafine mill machine is a kind of new type micro powder grinding mill machine. When designing this machine, it adopts a lot of new technologies. Adopted a new equipment of grinding roller grinding ring grinding curve, this way of design effectively, improves the production efficiency of the equipment in the activated bentonite process plant, and equipment are the important parts adopt high quality wear-resistant material production and become, effectively prolong the service life of the components and devices, effectively reduces the frequency of the equipment maintenance, reduce the operation cost of the equipment.

It has high stable and friendly environment. This bentonite powder making machine is designed without the rolling bearing and screw. This design can effectively reduce the equipment is easy to be damaged in the process of production problems, ensure the stability of equipment operation, in addition, equipment for environmental protection made some improvement, equipment in the design of the pulse dust catcher and muffler, can effectively reduce dust pollution and noise pollution, is a kind of environmental protection equipment.

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