Taconite Ore Grinding Plant

Taconite Ore Specification and Application

The Taconite ore has wide application and its main function is used as construction material. Taconite ore has good electrical insulation. Expanded Taconite ore is widely used in insulation, fire prevention materials, seedlings, flowers, trees, friction materials, sealing materials, electrical insulating materials, coatings, plate, paint, rubber, refractory materials, hard water softener, smelting, construction, shipbuilding, chemical industry, etc.

Taconite ore in the actual production line needs the following specifications: 8-12mm, 4-8mm, 2-4mm, 1-2mm, 0.3-1mm, 40-60mesh, 60-80mesh, 80-100mesh, 100mesh, 150mesh, 200mesh and 325mesh and so on. When Taconite ore is used in the actual production line, it needs to be processed into the above size.

Taconite Ore Grinding Plant

Depending on the above taconite ore grinding plant requirements, we suggest the MTM130X series strengthened ultrafine mill. According to the test of this grinding mill, we find that the final products from this machine can reach the requirements of 40-325mesh.

In South Africa taconite ore grinding plant, Zenith's MTM130X series strengthened ultrafine mill machine is widely used in these processing sites. Based on many clients' feedback, we find that this machine has high production capacity, good stable and it totally develops the advantages of this kind of milling machine. In taconite ore grinding plant, it can provide high quality raw materials and its high automatic working level make this machine welcomed by clients.

Working Advantages of taconite ore grinding mill

Clients from taconite ore grinding plant have conclude the following working advantages of Zenith's grinding mill machine:

  1. The base adopts strong nodular cast iron with high strength, vibration control to crack and it has good shock resistance;
  2. Its powder collector machine has high working efficiency and is superior to the ordinary grinding mill;
  3. Set up maintenance platform; make the mill maintenance more convenient and safe.

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