PF Series Impact Crusher

PF Series Impact Crusher

PF Series Impact Crusher

Zenith PF series impact crushers might depend on impact instead of data compresion in order to break materials. While in the crushing chamber, horizontal hammers are usually repaired to a fast-revolving rotor. The hammers reroute slipping stones in order to powerfully conflict along with inner placed on dishes on swing action supports. Stones are usually additional broken by way of high-impact crashes with one another. Within the optimally-designed impact crushers from Zenith, the positioning of the swing action supports with regards to the rotor creates much more crushing room and also enables for additional considerable feed measurements, which suggests these products could possibly be widely used because appropriate main crushers in gentle rock and also recycling programs. PF series impact crushers from Zenith are usually recognized because of their higher minimization percentages and ideal finish products with simply a small number of extra-large parts.


  1. High efficiency and power conservation;
  2. No-board connection;
  3. Chrome hammer and unique impact plate;
  4. Cubical shape of final item and also the output size is adjustable;
  5. Easy upkeep.


Zenith PF series impact crusher has been manufactured together with exclusive blow bar and better chromium plate hammer supplying larger dependability. This has been enhanced adjusting operations and also reduced maintenance. That displays matchless impactiveness in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and recycling programs. It really is pretty ideal for crushing limestone, marble, mica, basalt, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, coal, concrete, cement and so forth.

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