Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill

Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill

Bentonite Pellet Vertical Mill

The bentonite pellet vertical mill is produced and manufactured with Zenith's experience and the advanced latest international technology. This vertical roller mill has got high reputation from the worldwide customers for it can effectively reduce the investment costs. This new type grinding mill machine has integrated grinding, drying, classifying and transportation as a whole production line and it only takes little space.

Cement production typically requires the grinding of three separate types of material during the process: the raw ma- terials and coal before the kiln, and the final cement product once firing is complete and the clinker cooled. Looking back on a century or more, ball mill systems were used for all three grinding stages, but the development of more energy- efficient vertical roller mills (VRMs) led to their replacement. Initially, this focused on grinding coal and the cement raw materials, with the adoption of vertical roller mills for cement product grinding – with its finer grinding requirements – com- ing more recently, in the late 1990s. The main reason for the delay in uptake of VRM technology for cement grinding was the concerns of producers that their product qualities would not meet market requirements, specifically in three key areas: water demand, strength development and set- ting times. Over the past 15 years, however, it could be demonstrated that these concerns are unfounded, and that the quality of cement obtained from VRM grinding is as good as, or in some cases better than, that produced in a ball mill. In consequence, most of the world's major cement producers now use bentonite pellet vertical mill for cement grinding with no hesitation.

bentonite pellet vertical mill History

Bentonite pellet vertical mill is also known as vertical grinding, roller mill, vertical roller mill. The first vertical mill is the last century twenty's developed in germany. First used in the cement industry vertical roller mill in 1935 in West Germany, in Europe after the vertical mill cement plant in use for many years, to get employed in American and Canada, Europe and America, and are willing to development and application of vertical mill, is due to the European countries of fuel and power costs are relatively high at that time. Also because of the rising cost of energy consumption USA later, that prompted the opposition grinding to increase interest. USA first bentonite pellet vertical mill is put into operation at the end of 1973. Later, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina, Congo and other countries have also adopted vertical roller mill.

Into the last century, Southeast Asia region's rapid economic development, but also led to the rapid development of the cement market. Large-scale cement production line international mushroomed in the area to build large vertical roller mill has been using a lot.

Bentonite pellet vertical mill technology breakthrough came in the last 1960s, from then stand mill has been improved and large scale. The grinding of raw material was used to cement industry in Europe, America, Asia, seventy years obtained the rapid development, when there have been 500tph ability of large vertical mill, enter ninety age, the international roller mill has a new leap forward. The application of finite element analysis, thermal conduction analysis, fluid dynamics calculation, optimization of process parameters and other modern methods, to solve the large bentonite pellet vertical mill process and structural difficulties; the application of new wear-resistant material, the service life is prolonged, so as to ensure the realization of ultra large scale bentonite pellet vertical mill, to ensure a large dry process cement production line capacity requirements of vertical mill.

Working Pricinple of Bentonite pellet vertical mill

Driven by drive means rotating disc inside the casing, roller disc friction in effect around the roller axis of rotation, the material feeding device through the air lock, and fall into the inlet disc central role by centrifugal force to move the disc edges. After milling when the track was biting between the roller and the grinding disc rolling. Relative material grinding roller and grinding disc pressure (suitable grinding pressure can be adjusted according to the hardness of different materials) provided by a hydraulic stretching device. The material in the grinding process, while subjected to shear force between the disc and the pressure grinding roller mill rolls and relative motion generated. After the material is extruded to form the material on the disc track bed (the bed thickness gauge ring disc height by the decision), and squeeze each other and friction between the bed material particles also cause peeling corners and edges, played a further crushing effect.

After grinding the material continues to rim movement, until the overflow plate outside. Millstone around the ring has vents, hot air from the nozzle ring from the bottom up spilled material with high-speed rise, where large particles first landed on the disc, the smaller particles under the action selected in the updraft powder device belt thickness grading, coarse grinding and then return to the disc, in line with the requirements of the fineness of powder as a finished product, with the air outlet with the upper casing down into the dust collector is collected. Increases airflow vents annulus material also allows a larger proportion of the material falling into the nozzle ring below, is discharged from the lower part of the chassis Scum mouth, because of air velocity at the nozzle ring high, so fast heat transfer rate, small particles are instantaneous get dry. It is estimated that each particle into the bentonite pellet vertical mill before becoming a finished product, on average under the roller and the updraft in the cyclical movement within reach dozens of times, the fact that the existence of a multi-stage crushing.

bentonite pellet vertical mill Features

  1. final products has little iron and the whiteness and purity are quite high;
  2. producing little dust and noise, this bentonite pellet vertical mill is quite environmental friendly;
  3. adopting control system, this machine can save the operation costs;
  4. with special design of roller shell and grinding plate curve, this machine has excellent grinding efficiency.

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