Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment

With the rapid development of mining industry, ore milling equipment and crushing equipment demand also has a breakthrough growth.

with the requirement of milling industry continues to improve, the grinding mill has strict requirements on yield and performance. At the same time, ore milling equipment fineness has further improved.

Our company ore milling equipment birth until now has been nearly 10 years of history, from the beginning of 2005 has just started to the current technology is relatively perfect, we have been based on scientific and technological innovation, continuous reform and innovation of machinery and equipment. Eliminated a lot of technically relatively backward products, the actual use of many deficiencies have been done again and again to improve.

Ore milling equipment structure design

Ore milling equipment full set of parts including hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibration feeder, micro grinding host, frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector, high voltage pulse dust removal system, wind machine, air compressor, electric control system, the whole set of crushing, grinding, milling machine, lifting dust, packaging in one. A full range of automatic design of grinding machines can save a considerable amount of manpower for enterprises.

ore milling equipment

The fineness of the ore milling equipment can be adjusted between 250-3000, and the output can be supplied to the customers at 0.7-12 tons per hour due to the size of the equipment.But for the quality control of grinding mill, milling machine manufacturers have very strict requirements, with the premise of good mill maintenance work in the enterprise customer, the service life of the mill can greatly exceed the expected range.

In addition, ore milling equipment wearing parts of super hard and wear resistant materials milling machine manufacturers, but the long-term use, good wear resistant material but also in the use of excessive, so even if the replacement of wearing parts is an enterprise in the daily maintenance work must be done.Therefore, ore milling equipment manufacturers recommend timely replacement of wear parts, and even through the replacement of lubricating oil to effectively reduce energy consumption, extend the service life of the machine.

Advantage And Features

  1. Efficient: compared with other old milling equipment, the ultrafine grinding after heavy calcium powder screening rate can be as high as 99%;
  2. Strong Wear Resistance: the machine's important components are made of high-quality castings and profiles, fine workmanship, to ensure the durability of the whole set of equipment;
  3. Low Cost: crushing, grinding and drying in grading conveying in one, the system is simple, compact layout, small occupied area, not only can be used for indoor milling, is also used to open the production of flour, can reduce the cost of investment.
  4. Green Environmental Protection: in the process of production, especially the new powder grinding winnowing operation mode of air circulation, the amount of dust that generated by the equipment is decreased, in addition, can be equipped with some dust cover and other equipment, in order to realize the green ore milling equipment production operation.

Technical Data

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