Sandstone Grinding Machine Quartz

Quartz Sandstone Application

The main material of quartz sandstone is the quartz. The rich colors combination will make it a natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss. Quartz is kind of mineral ore resource with stable physical properties and chemical properties. The pure quartz is used as the glass raw material, grinding material and the siliceous refractory material. The impure quartz is an important building material. In the further application, it needs to process the raw quartz materials into powder size.

2-120tph Sandstone Grinding Machine For Quartz

The 2-120tph sandstone grinding machine quartz can process the materials between 15-30mm with the capacity of the 2-120tph. Used in quartz stone production line, this Raymond mill machine has advanced structure. It has higher grinding efficiency, lower power consumption and small working area and less investment costs. Under the function of centrifugal force, the grinding roller is on the grinding ring tightly. When the grinding roller and ring has a certain thickness wear, it will not affect the output of the finished products and fineness.

Sandstone Grinding Machine Quartz Manufacturer

As the manufacturer of mineral ore crusher and grinding mill machine, Zenith's sandstone grinding machine quartz has been improved depending on years' practice. Its structure has been perfected and the whole machine is three-dimensional structure. This machine covers small area and it has strong systemic. From the raw material coarse processing to delivery and the milling and final packaging, it will form an independent production system. The final products size will be 0.0613mm to 0.44mm. The sieve rate will be 99%. It has the incomparable advantage over other companies that can meet the requirements of different users.

If you are interested in our sandstone grinding machine quartz, you can directly contact Zenith to get the desired detailed information.

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